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Mold Remediation Lake Oswego

Put your mind at ease.

Rescom Provides Mold Removal Services In Lake Oswego

Discovering mold in your home can seem scary, especially when you're not quite sure how extensive the infestation is and what kind of damage it has caused. Luckily, Rescom Mold Removal specializes in scanning the extent of mold in your home, repairing its damage, and getting your space back to a normal, healthy living condition.


Our comprehensive assessment will determine the source of moisture in your home and set out a plan to remove mold without spreading its spores further through your living space. Our remediation will efficiently remove the moisture source and begin the efficient process of complete mold elimination from your home.

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We thoroughly examine Lake Oswego homes to find the source of any abnormal mold growth. Our multi-step process allows us to determine the most effective way to remove mold from your home and ensure your home has clean air for the foreseeable future.

Rescom Restoration is available for same-day and emergency services - we also offer repair services (if needed) to help evaluate and stop any moisture issues contributing to your mold problem. Our demolition-free dry fog system has two components; First, is a sterilant which dissolves the outer membrane of a mold spore on a molecular level. Second, is a microscopic layer of preventative molecules which attract mold spores when they re-enter the environment and kills them. This is a non-invasive, non-toxic, all-inclusive, cost-effective treatment that takes roughly 2 hours per 1,000 sq. ft of living spaceWe will make sure you are back in your home the same day.

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Any mold treatment begins with thorough air testing. In this process, we take air samples to capture mold spores along with any physical mold samples we are able to see upon an initial inspection. We examine any part of your home that may be a problem area, from kitchens and living spaces to attics, garages and crawlspaces. We then send any gathered samples to a third-party lab to determine the severity and danger of the mold, and how quickly it must be dealt with. This helps us plan the initial steps in the remediation process and how to approach the elimination of the mold with the most efficient methods possible.


Rescom Mold Removal uses a patented mold removal technology that provides a non-invasive alternative to tearing apart your walls to remove the source of any dangerous mold. Our dry fog technology is able to kill mold in your Lake Oswego home in a matter of days without destroying surfaces or interiors.


This dry fog uses a sterilant to dissolve the outer membrane of mold spores, while also creating a layer of microscopic preventative molecules to attract and kill any mold spores that re-enter your home's environment. This technology ultimately penetrates walls and ceilings to eliminate any mold and mold spores throughout rooms and surfaces.


  • 100% Non-toxic procedure

  • Single-day job for most applications

  • Environmentally Safe

  • Demolition-free in most cases

  • Always effective

  • EPA registered

  • Affordable

  • Guaranteed to kill mold

When mold proves too extensive to be removed with non invasive techniques, we can cut out any infected surfaces of your home as efficiently as possible. Our extensive experience with precise mold removal ensures we can eliminate problem areas in your home while also patching up and repairing any surfaces that needed to be removed or were too infected to be recovered. Our full mold abatement services don't end at eliminating the mold, they also include retouching.


You'll get:

  • Complete removal of all mold

  • Water damage restoration

  • Pre and post-abatement air quality testing

  • Containment of moisture source

  • Restorative repairs to return your home to previous condition

  • Paintovers and refinishing

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