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Rescom Restoration is available for same-day and emergency services - we also offer repair services (if needed) to help evaluate and stop any moisture issues contributing to your mold problem. Our demolition-free dry fog system has two components; First, is a sterilant which dissolves the outer membrane of a mold spore on a molecular level. Second, is a microscopic layer of preventative molecules which attract mold spores when they re-enter the environment and kills them. This is a non-invasive, non-toxic, all-inclusive, cost-effective treatment that takes roughly 2 hours per 1,000 sq. ft of living space. We will make sure you are back in your home the same day.

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Mold Testing in Portland

At Rescom Restoration, we always do a thorough investigation and inspection. We specifically target areas of dormant mold and identify existing moisture traps to ensure 100% containment. We work directly with you to address specific health concerns and can customize our remediation approach to meet the needs of household occupants. Our inspection is tailored to each situation and typical inspections include full moisture and temperature readings throughout the home and professional lab-tested samples that can accurately identify the type of mold and level of danger. We work together to protect your home, avoiding demolition and invasion.


All of our mold testing is performed by an independent third-party laboratory. We make sure the results you receive are completely unbiased and won’t lead to unnecessary mold treatment. Here’s how our testing process works:

1. Mold samples are taken

Our inspections begin with a combination of air and contact samples taken. If you suspect mold but it isn’t yet visible, an air test will determine if mold spores are present. Contact testing is useful for mold that is visible. Either test will confirm the presence or absence of mold in your home.

2. Off-site analysis

The samples are sent to a laboratory for examination. Because mold spores are mere microns across, they’ll need to be viewed under a microscope. The laboratory will be able to determine the type of mold and the extent of its growth. Off-site analysis typically takes 4-5 business days.

3. Results and next steps


Depending on the results of the testing, we'll know what kind of treatment is best. If a test comes back positive, but we don't yet know the source of the mold, the next steps will be to locate the source.

If the source has been identified, we'll begin the steps to make sure it's contained, determine the best course of action for complete mold removal.

Advanced Mold Removal Portland

Rescom Restoration provides mold removal from homes and businesses in the Portland Metropolitan region. We use a patented dry fog technology that allows us to wipe out toxic mold from virtually any building. Our revolutionary mold remediation method means we can break down microbes on a molecular level, and get rid of the problem without removing walls or ceilings. And because our fog is dry nothing in your home or office is at risk for water damage. We also offer discounted wholesale rates to local subcontractors, give us a call for more information.

Our mold remediation process delivers precise mold removal for any part of your home or office:



√  Drywalls


√  Closets


In and around cabinets

√  Under the kitchen sink

Window sills and frames

√ Ductwork/HVAC

Air Quality Inspection

You may not see it but your body may show signs of mold in the air. If you are facing any sudden respiratory problems or unexplainable health concerns, it may be mold spores floating in the air leading to mold allergies. 

Every mold treatment should begin with getting your air quality tested. Air quality readings provide insight into the severity of your mold problem. The goal with every one of our treatments is to guarantee air quality that is completely free of dangerous mold spores. 

After we've gotten the moldy sections out from your home, we'll perform a follow-up air quality test. We want to leave every job knowing that your home is completely disinfected and not posing a health threat.

Contact Rescom Restoration for a full air quality check.

If you’ve taken care of the moisture problem that’s led to the mold growth in your home or office, our dry fog mold removal is the perfect option to seal the deal. With the source of the mold contained, our system quickly goes in and disinfects all mold spores from the air and surfaces.

After we’re done, we’ll make sure your home or business is 100% clear of mold so there’s no chance at a return. If you’re looking to put your mold problem to an end, call Rescom Restoration today.

Mold Testing and Allergies 

Here at Rescom Restoration, we do a thorough investigation and inspection that would indicate any old or moisture trap

Mold Removal and Dry Fogging

Rescom Restoration provides mold removal from homes and businesses in the Portland Metropolitan region.

Water Damage

We can return any home to the state it was in before the damage occurred. 

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