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Learn more about our advanced mold removal through dry-fogging

About Rescom

About Rescom Mold Removal

Learn more about our advanced mold removal through dry-fogging

About Rescom

Rescom is the most respected and knowledgeable mold removal companies in the Portland metro area.

“Rescom was more than mold removal, they understood the need for improving the attic ventilation and provided services above and beyond mold treatment. Jason explained the life cycle of mold and mold spores and his fog treatment is the best!” - Marty F, Vancouver

Our Story

My name is Jason Ray. I’ve been a general contractor for 20 plus years in the Portland area. Over the years I’ve done every aspect of interior and exterior remodeling and have seen just about every problem imaginable, caused by just about every situation imaginable.


Over time I saw what an impact removing mold had on our client’s health and happiness. They just want to feel better. They have been physically ill and have unexplained symptoms, but no visible signs of mold. They have a child that’s had sinus infection over and over for no apparent reason. It’s important.

We don’t address the small areas.  We don’t do containment. We don’t have to cut it out.  We treat the entire home or business. At a fraction of the cost. We pride ourselves on supporting our customers with education, high value, and superior customer service.

Rescom Mold Testing and Allergies

Mold Testing and Allergies 

Here at Rescom Restoration, we do a thorough investigation and inspection that would indicate any old or moisture trap

Rescom Mold Removal and Dry Fog Services

Mold Removal and Dry Fogging

Rescom Restoration provides mold removal from homes and businesses in the Portland Metropolitan region.

Water Damage

We can return any home to the state it was in before the damage occurred. 

100% Non-Toxic | Single Day Job for most applications | Environmentally Safe | Demolition-Free

How Can we Help? 

For any questions or general inquiries, please give us a call or fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


           (503) 657-4563

We service Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah County 

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Monday  - Friday: 7AM - 7PM

Saturday: 7AM - 7PM

Sunday: Closed

Emergency Services

available Sundays and after hours 

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